S & D Chartered Accountants, is a certified chartered accounting firm providing a comprehensive range of professional and consulting services, including audit, tax, accounting, risk management, transactions and advisory services.

Founded in 2020, S & D Chartered Accountants is a growing mid-market firm specializing in serving small and medium scale businesses, their stakeholders and their families. The firm was founded with a strong vision to be entrepreneurial and employ a young professional team of experienced accounting professionals who aim to serve as advisors and as resources for ideas, solutions and strategies.

Our mission is to be a leader in providing businesses with solution-oriented accounting services in Ghana, while preserving traditional values in an evolving technological and regulatory environment.

We help entrepreneurs get their act together
before they talk to investors.


Less GRA Trouble

We will help you comply with confusing tax laws, keep adequate records, reduce GRA audit risk, and avoid the costly penalties.

We will Help You Grow Your Business

We’ll work closely with you to solve your business problems, answer your questions, and provide expert advice. So, you’ll manage your business better, grow it faster, and avoid the usual deadly mistakes.

Minimized Tax

Our experience and comprehensive tax planning can legally reduce your overall tax liabilities. You’ll have more money working for your business.

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